17 April 2011

I Miss You


Lamanya CiNta tak jengok rumah sampai dah bersawang2. Kesibukan kebelakangan ini menyebabkan ruang masa senggang agak terbatas. Walau apa pun CiNta ucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas kunjungan sahabat2 CiNta sudi berkunjung dan meninggalkan jejak.

I Miss You | by Eleanor
I know it hurt you
It hurt me too,
But now that you are gone,
All I know is I miss you.

You were there for so long,
I never thought you would leave.
I thought you had so many years,
waiting up your sleeve.

That day you left,
Was the saddest of my life
I remember going home,
And crying all night.

I might be selfish,
But I wish you were still here.
Or if you stayed,
For at least one more year.

I know you loved me,
I still love you too,
So Im trying to be good,
Just for you.

I know Im not perfect,
I never will be.
But I hope your up there,
Proud of me.

You had to let go,
Even though you were holding on for so long
But theres not a day I dont think of you,
And how you were so strong.

You never complained,
Or said why me?
You just knew,
That thats the way it was meant to be.

So I just want to tell you,
Even though I still cry,
That I miss you so much,
And Im glad you said goodbye.

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